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YUGETA ECコンサルティング

E-commerce Consulting for Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, and in-house websites. 
Consulting company for online stores in Japan.


High-speed Deployment of cutting-edge "
Winning formula for E-commerce

Who We Are 

YUGETA EC Consulting is an E-commerce consulting company consisting of members who have fought on the front lines of Rakuten Market consulting whilst continuously delivering exceptional results. 

“Fostering Products that Sell” and
“Implementation of efficient Promotional Measures” 

With our winning formula for E-commerce deriving from extensive experience and achievements, we provide speedy development as a practical and pragmatic method. 

YUEGTA EC Consulting is a group of experts who can help you increase your online store sales. 

The main result

Personalized service by expert consultants 

Major Achievements 

  • Turned a store’s monthly sales of 3.5 million yen to 350 million yen in two years. 

  • Created a product that ranked No. 1 for two consecutive years out of approximately 30 million products. 

  • Ranked No.1 out of 600 E-Commerce consultants at Rakuten Market for 3 times.  

  • Ranked No.1 out of all of approximately 10,000 Rakuten employees.  

  • Won 1st place in eCommerce consulting customer satisfaction rated by online shop owners.  

  • Won Rakuten SOY (Shop of the Year) Award a total of 15 times. 

  • Consulted over 20 online shops with monthly sales of more than100 million yen. 

Online malls and stores we support 

YEC's main battlegrounds are
Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo!Shopping.  

With the "winning formula" developed on the front lines of E-commerce consulting, we help stores increase revenue while reducing costs promptly. Cut costs to the core and invest that cost on effective measures. This is YEC’s simple yet most fundamental strategy. Our strength lies in the understanding of thorough cost-cutting and effective strategic measures.  

An extremely fair price plan 

Price Plan 

  • Contract fee (monthly) : Based on your choice.  

  • Contract term: 1month 

  • Initial fee and cancellation fee: None 

Here at YEC, the contract fee is determined by our customer. Based on the contract fee, we adjust the amount of resources to be allocated. For your reference, our customers' monthly contract fees range from 100,000 yen to 2 million yen, with an average of 300,000 yen. 


The contract is renewed every month automatically and can be cancelled at any time. Since YEC's establishment in 2016, the contract retention rate has remained high. This rate, backed by our customer’s satisfaction, is a source of pride for us. 

Main products we handle 

Apparel, Kids, Infant, Computer peripherals, Consumer electronics, Beauty, Smartphone peripherals, Toys, Food, Interior products, Household items, Kitchenware, Tableware, Cooking utensils, Pet supplies, Sporting goods, Outdoor, Leisure, Auto parts, Automobiles and more. There is no genre in which YEC cannot handle. 

At YUGETA EC, a designated consultant will handle every matter from identifying pitfalls to providing effective solutions to turn your business profitable.  

The consultants at YEC are skilled experts with experience in consulting more than several hundred companies. Based on our own experience, we provide the most practical solution tailored to each customer's situation.  


 Our Works 

 -E-commerce Consulting Case Studies- 

This is a very simple case where a customer’s sales increased by up to 13 million yen (+533%) after YEC started providing service. This type of upturn in sales often occurs once the business gets on the right track.  

 YEC Clientele Net Sales Transition 


This is a case study of a company that has drastically reduced costs and improved in profits. Immediately after the cost reduction, sales dropped significantly as expected, however one can notice an eventual recovery to the same level of sales as before the cost reduction. In terms of profits, a recovery trend is seen immediately after the cost reduction, and the company is successfully back to its profitable state in a short period of time.  

 Sales vs. Sales promotion cost trend 


YEC Clientele gross profit transition

This is a case where sales retained a steady increase while cutting down greatly on advertising costs. The client had been publishing ads without sufficient verification of its benefit, however with proper examination of its effectiveness, we were able to successfully reduce advertising costs by around 1.2 million yen per month. The advertising cost was eventually reduced to 0 yen after our consultation.

YEC Clientele Net Sales Transition




Advertising Costs

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